Our Story

VeggieTails was established on a fundamental belief: our beloved pets deserve nothing less than the finest nutrition, absent of animal-derived ingredients and harmful additives. The founder's personal journey of crafting custom vegetarian meals for their own dogs ignited the spark to create a solution for fellow pet owners facing similar challenges.

Recognizing the dearth of wholesome vegetarian options in the pet food market, VeggieTails embarked on a mission to craft a collection of ethically sourced, nutritious products—a healthier choice for pets. By exclusively utilizing premium ingredients and shunning animal-based components, VeggieTails strives to elevate pets' overall well-being while championing the principles of "AHIMSA."

With an unwavering commitment to delivering healthful and easily digestible products, VeggieTails aspires to be a trusted and renowned name in the pet industry. We embody responsible pet ownership and inspire fellow pet parents to prioritize the health and welfare of their cherished four-legged family members.

Our Mission

At VeggieTails, our commitment is unwavering. We are devoted to offering a diverse range of vegetarian pet food products that prioritize both health and ethics. Our core mission revolves around elevating the overall welfare of pets while championing the principles of "AHIMSA."

Our vision extends beyond just pet nutrition; we seek to make a positive impact on the pet industry as a whole. Through the provision of top-tier, eco-conscious products, we aim to establish VeggieTails as a brand synonymous with responsible and conscientious pet ownership.

Our Vision

"VeggieTails" aspires to take the helm of the global pet food industry, becoming the top choice for pet food not only in India but on a global scale. Our overarching objective is to catalyze a transformation within the Indian pet food industry, shifting it from a mere importer to a leading exporter of pet food worldwide.

Our primary focus will be on establishing a dominant position within the dog food sector. Concurrently, we will continue our commitment to innovation by developing and introducing a range of innovative pet food and related products to cater to the evolving needs of pet owners.

More About VeggieTails

We are dedicated to providing superior vegetarian dog food at VeggieTails which is manufactured with only natural ingredients. To accommodate a range of dietary demands and tastes, our experts have painstakingly created a number of delectable and nourishing choices. Our commitment to ethical and ecological living comes first, and we place a high priority on creating the best food products for our paw friends. If you want to feed your pet in a healthier, more compassionate way, choose VeggieTails.